We completed the first leg of the tour of more than 5000km through Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Malawi.  If granted the opportunity
we hope to continue the journey later in 2012.


Many South Africans are concerned about the onslaught on rhinos the last few years.  Yet, in the early 1900's, rhino numbers were far more critical than today - less than a 100 southern white rhino were left in the wild before the first national parks were founded in South Africa.  In the 1960's,  Dr Ian Player and a dedicated wildlife team, played a significant role in saving the southern white rhino from extinction.  Through the years Dr Player contributed significantly towards conservation, and is still a wildlife activist today.  He wrote a touching letter of encouragement to us:
                     (Read more about Dr Ian Player on the Conservation Heroes Page ...)  

                                                                         18 April 2011